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New Energy Art creates beautiful digital art for your home, ready for print on canvas and sizes at your choice.


Do you have photos that you would like to be expressed in a special and stunning way? I do customize digital art ... and much more.

Nøtteskjellveien 8

4310 Hommersåk, NORWAY

Consciousness and energy v6

The real you is in the center of this picture.

Consciousness and energy v6

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Consciousness (from the center of you) have no energy at all, but still energy follows consciousness, and not the other way around. Consciousness is the oldest part of your being, and it comes from within and radiates naturally outward. Reality is energy in duality; as light and darkness separated. Potentials are energies in neutral, awaiting to be realised by being attracted to consciousness (you allowing). Energies are pulled towards consciousness, almost like a gravity force. Energies are attracted to consciousness where they are compressed, and gain density which we eventually know as mass, and then experience as weight in duality.