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New Energy Art creates beautiful digital art for your home, ready for print on canvas and sizes at your choice.


Do you have photos that you would like to be expressed in a special and stunning way? I do customize digital art ... and much more.

Nøtteskjellveien 8

4310 Hommersåk, NORWAY

Enlightenment v7

Observing myself going through a transformation.

Enlightenment v7

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This art is my interpretation of a human being enlightened (meaning going deeper within) after artificial intelligence and technologies being integrated more and more into the daily life of living. I do understanding that all technologies (applications) are here because of consciousness, meaning that energy follows your (deep within) operating system. Technology is only energies that is here to replace your logical and rational thinking abilities in duality, so you can go back to your most natural, but forgotten, ability: - the ability to feel yourself. This doesn't mean to have an emotion, but the ability to have a feeling deep within! Emotions and feelings are completely different things. Your present identity will undergo a natural evolution towards something entirely new. It's all about your inner awareness that's shouting out (meaning that your consciousness is expanding (more feelings)), and that attracts energy potentials such as new technology. You are so much more than just technology! You are just amazing when you are aware of who you really are, and when you allow yourself!