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New Energy Art creates beautiful digital art for your home, ready for print on canvas and sizes at your choice.


Do you have photos that you would like to be expressed in a special and stunning way? I do customize digital art ... and much more.

Nøtteskjellveien 8

4310 Hommersåk, NORWAY

Masquerade from Mind v1

Your mind selects one side and ignores the other one to creating reality in duality.

Masquerade from Mind v1

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You have been given your mind a greater task than it can cooperate. Your mind isn't intelligent, it just prosess information. But you embrace your mind in to have intelligence. Your brain doesn't have intelligence other than processing abilities. Your intelligence is not in your brain but a quality based on your consciousness. Your consciousness isn't intelligent, but it attracts energy and memory that is. Your mind (thoughts and emotions) are based on duality; meaning that they embrace one side and fear the other. That is duality, and it makes reality real. But, it doen't tell the whole truth of who you really are. There is no wrong doing in believing in your mind, but it contains no intelligence. Intelligence is more complex than just your brain. Think of who you really are as, deep within, as an operating system. What you call intelligence is your software application. If the operating system doesn't function properly what happens to your application? It doesn't work. Is that intelligence? You are intelligence based on the energy you attracts with your consciousness. Nothing more, nothing less!