Sola-stranda ver4 2021 | 72dpi | 2160x12

Here are some of my art creations

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City of change v1

Is expansion of consciousness related to every changes in life regarding energy?


Consciousness and energy v1

Consciousness is the center of you, and energy in duality is what makes it all real.


Digital transformation of humanity v1

A person who is going through a transformation in relation to AI's entry into everyday life.


Enlightenment v1

Enlightenment is another word for being realized.


From awakening to realization v1

Realizing that I am responsible for my own life.


Inner dragons v1

There is always an imaginary inner dragon that shows you the truth of your life whether you want it or not. This fearless dragon is actually you and at the same time your best friend ... if you accept your inner true self.


Inner falling v1

Have you ever dreamed of falling inwards? This is my expression of it.


Inner self v1

I am masculine, but at the same time I acknowledge that I cannot be masculine without being feminine. It is a universal law from the deepest and innermost you; that is, behind the thoughts and emotions that define right from wrong inside yourself. Gay people tell you this, but being gay is not a standard, just an incredible courage in daring to tell both sides of duality at the same time. You are all gay, and at the same time you are not.


Let's talk about the BIG elephant in the room v1

Consciousness is the greatest mystery to science and the most daily experience in your life.


Masquerade from mind v1

Your mind selects one side and ignores the other one to creating reality in duality.


Masquerade from soul v1

Being conscious from deep within releases an expression from the depth of your soul that you can allow or not.


Mermaids v1

Do mermaids exist, or are they just myths created by sailors?


On the way to Valhall v1

A funeral for a Viking King and Queen.


On the way to Valhall v2

A funeral for a Viking King and his Queen.


Releasing past lives v1

This is a work where I imagine letting go of my past lives in order to be more present here and now.


Sideways towards the future v1

Sometimes the right path of the future is straight forward, and sometimes the right way is going sideways.


Soul train v1

What could it look like if the soul came into life by train?


The spade and the heart v1

I imagine the heart (flowers) represents self-confidence, and the spade (trees) represents self-esteem.


The unbearable lightness within heaviness v1

The hand represents heaviness and the feathers lightness. The mind defines the encounter with the lightness of soul as unbearable due to lack of control. To me, this art illustrates the relationship between body, mind and soul.


Transformation v6b

Human going through a transformation.

© Vidar Fjeld 2018

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