digital art PORTRAITS

These are digitally processed images done by Vidar Fjeld at New Energy Art (NEA). All original photos have been in low and poor quality shape. The digitally processed images (high quality) can be printed on cotton papers, fabrics, metals, and glasses. 

Arnfinn Fjeld v8 bw-noir 2017 _ 144dpi _

Arnfinn Fjeld 2019 

Maren Berland v3d3 bw 2019 _ 144dpi _ 10

Maren Berland 2019 


Målfrid Fjeld 2019 

Lene Berland 2018 v2 bw _ 144dpi _ 1080x

Lene Berland 2019 

Frode Berland v4c 2019 _ 144dpi _ 1080x1

Frode Berland 17 år 2019 

Erik Berland 2019 - v8b _ 72dpi _ 1350x1080

Erik Berland's Confirmation - May Dream Come Trough 2019


Family Vidar Fjeld with living and deceased loved ones - Viking Theme 2019


Håvard Aurdal's and Rita Fjeld's Wedding Picture - Viking Theme 2019

Linda Benyo and Geoffrey Hoppe 8 Jan 201

Crimson Circle Inc. Company Founders, Linda Benyo and Geoffrey Hoppe 2019

LINDA Benyo and Geoffrey Hoppe 8 Jan 201
Linda Benyo and GEOFFREY Hoppe 8 Jan 201
LIN GEO Star Wars Poster 1 v3 _ 72dpi _

Geoffrey and Linda Hoppe got married when the first

Star Wars movie came out in 1977

ENF Bumblebee v7b SIGN _ 72dpi _ 1080x14

Elias Nyfløt Fjeld as Bumblebee 2017

ENF Superman _ 72dpi _ 1080x1527 80%.jpg

Elias Nyfløt Fjeld as SuperBoy 2019

Laura Fjeld Clausen 17 jan 2019 v11 - un

Laura Fjeld Clausen 20 years old 2019


Beate Nyfløt 2019

ENF SuperBaby 2012 2019 v6b SIGN _ 72dpi

Elias Nyfløt Fjeld as SuperInfant 2012

ENF Man of Steel _ 72dpi _ 1080x1440 80%
PFNF 2019 v5 _ 72dpi _ 2407x2160 80%.jpg

The Three Wise Ones 2019

Queen, Prince and King of Nothingness

Framside NEA 2019 v8 DESKTOP _ 144dpi _

Family Nyfløt Fjeld in explosion of color 2019

Elias Beate Vidar NF 2019 v8 _ 72dpi _ 2

Family Portrait of Beate, Elias, and Vidar Nyfløt Fjeld 2019 - made from individual photos

Masquerade from Within Out No1 v1e-calm

Masquerade from Within Out No1 v1e-calm 2019

Masquerade from Within Out No1 v1e-bw-vi

Masquerade from Within Out No1

v1e-bw-vivid 2019

More coming soon!

© Vidar Fjeld 2018

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