Do you seek new flyers and logos for your firm? We can design, and make them personal for you! Do you have a Wix-site, and seek a new website design? We can help you design it. Our site is a Wix-site. Do you need an advertising trailer for your company? 


Your personal pictures can be transformed into high-quality fun art. Have a look.


Rita portrett 2018 _ 72dpi _ 723x723 pxd
LOGO NEA v2 2018 _ 72dpi 75%LL _ 1128x81

website design

desktop and mobile

Aluvator HOME Website ver1 _ 72dpi _ 128
Aluvator MOBILE HOME Website ver1 _ 72dp
GalleRita HOME Website ver2 _ 72dpi _ 12
GalleRita HOME Mobile ver1 _ 72dpi _ 360
New Energy Art WEBSITE MOBILE HOME _ 72d

from photo to acrylic

This is the most special, and most expensive service we can provide to you. Understandably this task requires a lot of work time, but the result will be amazing when your closest one becomes forever done in a photo-realistic pop art style in acrylic.

from acrylic/photo to digital


Any acrylic paintings from New Energy Art can be transformed into digital formats to be printed on different surface types.

If you are looking for a special color to match YOU, the digital format can be transformed into any color.

Here are some examples.

Original acrylic - Inner Eye

digital transformed - Red

digital transformed - Pink

digital transformed - Violet

digital transformed - Blue

digital transformed - Orange

digital transformed - Yellow

digital transformed - Sea-green

digital transformed - Sea-blue

Inner Falling 2012 _ 72dpi _ 727x1080 80

Original acrylic - Inner Falling

Inner Falling v1b1 2018 _ 72dpi _ 1080x1

Inner Falling - Digital transformed

Inner Child 2011 _ 72dpi _ 1080x1340 org

Original acrylic - Inner Child

Inner Child v6 2018 _ 72dpi _ 1080x1344

Inner Child - Digital transformed

Inner Self 2005 _ 720x1081.png

Original acrylic - Inner Self

Inner Self v7a2 2018 _ 72dpi _ 1080x1683

Inner Self - Digital transformed

from photo to digital art to print

Any digital art bought from New Energy Art is high-quality formats that can be printed on cotton paper, metal, glass, and textured surfaces. Either you buy the digital file, and arrange the print-process yourself with a company of your choice, or we can help you with both. 

Digital design for a Viking team wedding picture 2019

Original photo - SuperBaby

Digital Art - SuperBaby

Low-quality photo (selfie)

High-quality digital format

Printed on metal


And finally, New Energy Art proudly presents services from the jewelry artist Beate Nyfløt. How about turning your old silver dessert fork into a beautiful ring? 

How about a customized flower ring, a necklace, or a bracelet?


Keep tuned for her creations!

Order customised 'Flower Ring' created by the artist Beate Nyfløt. The stone is by agreement. The decor is by agreement. The ring is 525 sterling silver.
Order customised 'Necklace of spade' created by the artist Beate Nyfløt. The gemstone is by agreement. The decor is shaped as symbol of spade, and as the ring, contains of 18 carat gold or 525 sterling silver.
Order customised 'Bracelet' created by the artist Beate Nyfløt. The stone is by agreement. The decor is by agreement.

© Vidar Fjeld 2018

Design by New Energy Art via WIX

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New Energy Art creates beautiful digital art for your home, ready for print on canvas and sizes at your choice.


Do you have photos that you would like to be expressed in a special and stunning way? I do customize digital art ... and much more.

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